We prepare graduate researchers for careers that integrate science with management and policy while advancing Climate Adaptation Science for the threatened landscape of the Interior West.

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Smith Lab Finds Climate Effects on Visitation Trends at Utah’s “Mighty 5” National Parks

CAS Student Emily Wilkins and Faculty Jordan Smith and colleagues find average daily maximum temperatures play a large role in tourists' travel decisions.

Comes Naturally? USU Geneticist Explores Predictability of Evolution

USU biologist and CAS faculty Zach Gompert and colleagues use a long-term dataset on stick insects to test ideas about evolution.

Between the Lines: Tree Rings Hold Clues about a River’s Past

USU researchers, including CAS faculty David Rosenberg, reconstruct monthly streamflow data to help inform current and future water management.

New Research Provides Maps of Climate Change Opinions by Political Party

A new study published in the journal Climatic Change finds substantial differences in the climate change views of both Republicans and Democrats across U.S. states and congressional districts.

CAS Trainee Emily Wilkins Publishes on Effects of Weather Conditions on Tourism Spending

Climate change is expected to influence tourism since weather patterns help determine where and when people travel. Findings suggest tourism businesses in Maine and other relatively colder destinations could capitalize on potential gains in warmer months.

Early Bloomers: USU Biologist’s Research Reveals Climate Change Impacts

Early flowering, early fruiting: Anecdotal evidence of climate change is popping up as quickly as spring crocuses, but is it coincidence or confirmation of shifts in plant phenology caused by global warming?

USU researchers find European drought trends align with climate change projections

“This is one more big drop in the bucket toward climate change attribution,” said lead author James Stagge, a post-doc at Utah State University’s Utah Water Research Lab.

Calculations by CAS faculty Wurtsbaugh, Null, Wilcock, and colleagues reveal human water use as cause of shrinking saline lakes

The world’s saltwater lakes are drying up and scientists have long suspected climate change was to blame. Now, a study reveals another potential culprit: thirsty humans.

Peter Howe Discusses Recent Poll of Utahns’ Climate Opinions

CAS leadership team and faculty member Peter Howe discussed the surprising results in a front-page article in Sunday's Salt Lake Tribune.