We prepare graduate researchers for careers that integrate science with management and policy while advancing Climate Adaptation Science for the threatened landscape of the Interior West.

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Early Bloomers: USU Biologist’s Research Reveals Climate Change Impacts

Early flowering, early fruiting: Anecdotal evidence of climate change is popping up as quickly as spring crocuses, but is it coincidence or confirmation of shifts in plant phenology caused by global warming?

USU researchers find European drought trends align with climate change projections

“This is one more big drop in the bucket toward climate change attribution,” said lead author James Stagge, a post-doc at Utah State University’s Utah Water Research Lab.

Calculations by CAS faculty Wurtsbaugh, Null, Wilcock, and colleagues reveal human water use as cause of shrinking saline lakes

The world’s saltwater lakes are drying up and scientists have long suspected climate change was to blame. Now, a study reveals another potential culprit: thirsty humans.

Peter Howe Discusses Recent Poll of Utahns’ Climate Opinions

CAS leadership team and faculty member Peter Howe discussed the surprising results in a front-page article in Sunday's Salt Lake Tribune.

CAS Faculty Jordan Smith and Colleagues Find Recreation Fees Change How People Use the Outdoors

In new research Chase C. Lamborn and Jordan W. Smith look at the effects of a $3 charge to access hiking and biking trails in a Utah forest.

CAS Faculty David Tarboton to Lead $4M Collaborative Water Research Initiative

Through a collaborative effort aimed at improving HydroShare, Utah State University hydrologists are revolutionizing the way scientific data is stored and shared among scientists around the globe.

CAS Faculty Flint and Horsburgh Publish on Data Management Dimensions of Social Water Science

In their paper based on experiences in the iUTAH project and published in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association, the authors describe complexities associated with integrating social and hydrologic sciences.

CAS Faculty Phaedra Budy Uses Artificial Warmth to Simulate Climate Change in Arctic Lakes

Led by Phaedra Budy, head of the Fish Ecology Lab at Utah State University, a team of researchers is using artificial warming equipment to study effects of climate change in one of the fastest-warming regions in the world.

USU Biologist Michelle Baker Receives Pioneers of Progress Award

Utah State University professor of Biology, Michelle Baker, who leads water research efforts in the state as the project director of iUTAH, was recognized for her pioneering efforts in science and technology.

Research Team Predicts Multi-Year U.S. Drought and Fire Conditions

The next mega-droughts and subsequent active wildfire seasons for the western U.S. might be predictable a full year in advance, extending well beyond the current seasonal forecast and helping segments of the economy related to agriculture, water management, and forestry.