Jessica Schad

Sociology, Social Work, & Anthropology Rural and agricultural populations survey methodology, community theory and analysis, rural sociology, research methods, population studies.

Daniella Hirschfeld

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Community resilience, landscape strategies for climate adaptation, disaster mitigation and planning.

Sarah Klain

Environment & Society
Cultural Ecosystem Services, Renewable Energy Landscapes

Kezia Manlove

Wildland Resources & Ecology Center

Peter Adler

Wildland Resources
Plant Population & Community Ecology

Trisha Atwood

Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Community & Ecosystem Ecology

Michelle Baker

Biology & Ecology Center
Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology & Biogeochemistry

Karen Beard

Wildland Resources & Ecology Center
Conservation Ecology, Invasion Ecology

Noelle Beckman

Biology & Ecology Center
Theoretical & Spatial Plant Ecology, Plant/animal/microbe Interactions, Seed Dispersal

Patrick Belmont

Watershed Sciences
Hydrology & Geomorphology