Phaedra Budy

Watershed Sciences
Watershed Science

Emily Burchfield

Environment & Society
Climate Justice, Geospatial Analysis

Julia Burton

Wildland Resources
Forest Ecology, Silviculture, Understory Plant Communities

Rob Davies

Communicating Planetary Boundaries, the Anthropocene, and Complex & Sustainable Systems

Tom Edwards

Wildland Resources
Wildland Resources

Courtney Flint

Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology
Natural Resource & Community Sociology

Susannah French

Biology & Ecology Center
Physiological Ecologist

Jereme W. Gaeta

Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Fish Ecology, Management, & Conservation

Jennifer Givens

Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology
Environmental, Global, & Comparative Sociology; Political Economy & Development

Zach Gompert

Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics