Ryan Choi

Wildland Resources
I have a BA in Biology from Whitman College, and an MS in Ecology, Wildland Resources from Utah State University. I am studying the impacts of climate change on ecosystem function in the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. I have focused on how phenology of sub-arctic tundra plants and the seasonal arrival of migratory Pacific black brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) affects nutrient cycling and storage in a sedge-dominated ecosystem.

Emily Esplin

Environment & Society
I have a BS in Marriage, Family & Human Development from Brigham Young University and a BA in Spanish from Utah Valley University. I am passionate about helping local people build resilience to natural hazards in their community through protective behaviors, smart planning, and emergency preparedness. I am currently studying how Americans adapt to extreme heat events and how this hazard is communicated in Utah. My other research interests include disaster risk reduction, risk perception and communication, and natural hazards mitigation and outreach campaigns.
MS Geography, 2018

Muyang Ge

Applied Economics
I have a BS in Environmental Science & Management from Xiamen University and an MS in Environmental & Natural Resource Economics from the University of Illinois. I am researching the dynamic interaction of rural and urban economies in response to water use constraints and its variability under a changing climate. I am interested in the impact of land property rights on agricultural practices and on water market. I am currently working on climate resiliency of agricultural production on American Indian Lands of the Great Basin region.
PhD Economics, 2019
Faculty, Nanjing Audit University

Natalie Gillard

Watershed Science
I have a BA in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado. I am researching the forms and functions of river systems to gain a deeper understanding of sediment transport, its role in ecosystem processes and implications for societal welfare and risk. I am specifically interested in disturbed river systems and restoration strategies to enhance resilience and health of those rivers and their surrounding ecosystems and am interested in how to predict and understand the ecosystem and societal effects of climate extremes. My overall goal is to not only gain a deeper understanding of these processes but also to gain experience communicating my results effectively to the scientific and nonscientific community to develop solutions.

Jeffrey Haight

Watershed Sciences
I have a BS from the University of California, Davis in Environmental Science and Management. My broad research interests tend to fall at the intersection between landscape ecology, wildlife conservation, and global change ecology. My current work deals with using climate projections to assess vulnerability of Utah's ecoregions to climatic changes, modeling species' response to shifting climate envelopes, and combining these results to identify areas of priority conservation concern. Through the Climate Adaptation Science program, I would further like to investigate the synergistic effects of climate change and urbanization on the connectivity of vulnerable landscapes and explore the conservation implications associated with those impacts.
MS Ecology, 2019
PhD Student, Arizona State University

Liana Prudencio

Watershed Sciences
I have a BS in Journalism & Mass Communication from Iowa State University and an MS in Sociology from the University of Utah. My research interests largely focus on incorporating social and environmental objectives into water resource management. I am currently on a research team of watershed scientists, engineers, and sociologists investigating the potential of managed aquifer recharge via stormwater management to adapt to climate change impacts. The effects of climate change are vast and various, just as our solutions should be, and I look forward continuing my research goal of linking the social and natural dimensions of climate change in the Climate Adaptation Science program.