External Advisory Board

Emile Elias

Acting Director, USDA Southwest Climate Hub Water Resources, Agriculture, & Climate Change

Carmen Bailey

Assistant Director, Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office, State of Utah

Dan Williams

Research Social Scientist & Assistant Station Director, USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station
Organizational Learning & Resiliency

Internal Advisory Board

James Powell

Applied Mathematics & Biology
Specializations: Mathematical Fields: Applied Mathematics, Asymptotic Methods, Nonlinear Evolution PDE, Dynamical Systems, Model Fitting and Competition jim.powell@usu.edu

Joel Pederson

Specializations: Geomorphology, Landscape Evolution joel.pederson@usu.edu  

Diane Alston

Specializations: Integrated Pest Management; Insect Field Ecology; Plant-Pest and Multiple Pest Interactions

Paul Barr

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Specializations: Structural Engineering

Paul G. Johnson

Plants, Soils & Climate
Specializations: Erosion & Sedimentation with Application to Watershed Restoration & Management

Michael R. Kuhns

Wildland Resources
Specializations: Urban, Community, and Wildland-Urban Interface Forestry, Landscape Tree Selection and Care, Forestry/Forest Education

Christopher Lant

Environment & Society
Specializations: Water Resources & Watershed Management; Ecosystem Services; Land-use Modeling; Virtual Water; Food-energy Water Nexus

Derrik Tollefson

Sociology, Social Work, & Anthropology
Specializations: Family Violence; Clinical Social Work; Program Evaluation

Peter Wilcock

Watershed Sciences
Specializations: Erosion and Sedimentation with Application to Watershed Restoration and Management