Program Faculty

Peter Adler

Wildland Resources
Specializations: Plant Population & Community Ecology

Trisha Atwood

Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Specializations: Community and Ecosystem Ecology

Lise Aubry

Wildland Resources & Ecology Center
Specializations: Population & Evolutionary Ecology, Conservation & Management

Jacopo A. Baggio

Environment & Society
Specializations: Social-Ecological Systems, Agent Based Model, Networks, Common Pool Resources

Michelle Baker

Biology & Ecology Center
Specializations: Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Karen Beard

Wildland Resources & Ecology Center
Specializations: Conservation Ecology, Invasion Ecology

Noelle Beckman

Biology & Ecology Center
Specializations: Theoretical & Spatial Plant Ecology, Plant/animal/microbe Interactions, Seed Dispersal

Patrick Belmont

Watershed Sciences
Specializations: Hydrology & Geomorphology

Janice Brahney

Watershed Sciences
Specializations: Biogeochemistry, Paleolimnology

Mark Brunson

Environment & Society
Specializations: Social-ecological systems

Phaedra Budy

Watershed Resources
Specializations: Watershed Science

Julia Burton

Wildland Resources
Specializations: Forest Ecology, Silviculture, Understory Plant Communities

Eric Edwards

Applied Economics
Specializations: Environmental Economics

Tom Edwards

Wildland Resources
Specializations: Wildland Resources

Courtney Flint

Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology
Specializations: Natural Resource & Community Sociology

Susannah French

Biology & Ecology Center
Specializations: Physiological Ecologist

Jereme W. Gaeta

Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Specializations: Fish Ecology, Management, and Conservation

Jennifer Givens

Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology
Specializations: Environmental, Global, & Comparative Sociology; Political Economy & Development

Zach Gompert

Specializations: Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics

Luis F. Gordillo

Mathematics & Statistics
Specializations: Applied Mathematics

Edd Hammill

Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Specializations: Conservation Planning & Land Management

Charles (Chuck) Hawkins

Watershed Sciences & Ecology Center
Specializations: Aquatic Ecology, Freshwater Biodiversity, Environmental Assessment

Larry Hipps

Plants, Soils, & Climate
Specializations: Meteorology/Climatology, Land-Atmosphere Interactions

Jeffery S. Horsburgh

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Specializations: Hydroinformatics, Surface Water Quality, Hydrology

Peter Howe

Environment & Society
Specializations: Human-Environment Geography

Kris Hulvey

Wildland Resources
Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Restoration, Conservation

Nancy Huntly

Biology & Ecology Center
Specializations: Biodiversity, Human Ecology, Herbivory

Paul Jakus

Applied Economics
Specializations: Environmental & Regional Economics, Public Lands Analysis

Scott Jones

Plants, Soils, & Climate
Specializations: Environmental Soil Physics and Instrumentation

Karin Kettenring

Watershed Sciences
Specializations: Wetland Plant Ecology, Restoration, Management

Man-Keun Kim

Applied Economics
Specializations: Regional Economics, Resource and Environmental Economics

David Koons

Wildland Resources & Ecology Center
Specializations: Demography, Life History Evolution, Population Dynamics, Avian Ecology, Human-Wildlife Interactions

Andrew Kulmatiski

Wildland Resources
Specializations: Plant-soil Interactions

James Lutz

Wildland Resources
Specializations: Forest Ecology & Fire Ecology

Daniel MacNulty

Wildland Resources
Specializations: Animal Behavior, Population Biology, Predator-prey Interactions, Large Mammal Conservation and Management

Laurie McNeill

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Water Research Lab
Specializations: Drinking Water Treatment

Christopher Monz

Environment & Society
Specializations: Recreation Ecology, Park &Protected Area Management

Beth Neilson

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Specializations: Surface Water Quality &Hydrology

Sarah Null

Watershed Sciences
Specializations: Water Resources Systems Analysis

William D. Pearse

Biology & Ecology Center
Specializations: Evolutionary Ecology; Phylogeny; Eco-phylogenetics

Richard Peralta

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Specializations: Groundwater Management & Systems Analysis

James Powell

Mathematics & Statistics, & Biology
Specializations: Modeling, Mathematical Ecology, Model Competition, Dispersal & Spatial Structure in Populations

Ricardo Ramirez

Specializations: Agro-Ecology; Integrated Pest Management

Claudia Radel

Environment & Society
Specializations: Human-environment Geography, Political Ecology, Migration, Gender

Sasha Reed

Southwest Biological Science Center
Specializations: Biochemistry & Ecosystem Ecology

David Rosenberg

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Specializations: Water Resources Management, Systems Analysis, Water Conservation & Planning

Geno Schupp

Wildland Resources& The Ecology Center
Specializations: Plant Population Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Rare & Invasive Plants

Jordan W. Smith

Environment & Society
Specializations: Outdoor Recreation; Natural Resource Economics

John Stark

Specializations: Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology, & Soil Biogeochemistry

David Stevens

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Specializations: Surface Assessment, Mathematical Modeling, Statistics

David Tarboton

Civil & Environmental Engineering, & Utah Water Research Laboratory
Specializations: Surface Water, Information Systems, Modeling, Terrain Analysis, Snow Hydrology

Kari Veblen

Wildland Resources
Specializations: Rangeland Ecology, Plant Community Ecology

Steve Voelker

Plants, Soils & Climate, & Ecology Center
Specializations: Dendroclimatology

Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang

Plants, Soils, & Climate
Specializations: Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Climate Events, Hydrological Cycles

Bonnie Waring

Biology & Ecology Center
Specializations: Plant, Microbial & Ecosystem Ecology

Joe Wheaton

Watershed Sciences
Fluvial Geomorphology, Biogeomorphology, Watershed Management, Beaver Ecology

Peter Wilcock

Watershed Sciences
Specializations: Erosion & Sedimentation, Watershed Restoration & Management